Support Through Infertility

A selection of posts that will hopefully help those struggling with fertility & also those trying to support others…

Infertility sucks…factSome of the reasons why I think Infertility sucks

Social Media…A Guide to Surviving I struggled with social media for along time, hopefully this post has some helpful tips 

It’s ok not to be okI struggled for a long time & want you to know that everything you are feeling is valid

The life we didn’t plan for…Infertility changed us & the life we had planned

A letter to infertilityWritten for World Childless Week, an honest letter to infertility

Fertility Warrior Q&AHelping to raise awareness of infertility

#100FertilityFacesWhy we chose to take part in the #100FertilityFaces campaign

The beginning of healing… – My first counselling session, never be afraid to ask for help

IVF & Me – Written during National Fertility Awareness Week, a story of hope

The puppy that helped me to heal –  sometimes we can find healing in unexpected places

Avocado Souphow we prepared for cycle number 9

Getting through Christmas – tips on how to get through the Christmas period

No such thing as “just adopt” – making the decision not to pursue adoption took time and it was a difficult decision to make for a whole number of reasons

Time for Self Care – IVF requires us to put ourselves first, it can be hard but it is vital

Seven Days of Sadness– getting through the first seven days after my miscarriage

Endings…& New Beginnings – starting to move forward 

The question of “Giving Up” – people ask if I’m ready to ‘give up’.  If only they would ask if its time to ‘move on’ instead.

The Importance of Seeking Support – it is so important to ask for help and for me counselling changed everything

The other side of the story…a male perspective