A song that I hadn’t heard since my teenage years came on today. I’ve heard the words lots of times, but never heard them in the context of our current path. Waiting. Waiting for our 8th embryo transfer. Waiting to see if it works. Waiting to one day become parents. Waiting for something that may never happen.

I know we will get through whatever comes our way, we always do, we have to. I sometimes just wish we didn’t have to. I know it’s our choice to keep having treatment, I know we could move on at any point…but we are not there yet. Neither of us are there.

And so, as we wait to start again, to go through it all again…the words to Lifted by The Lighthouse Family (I know, really?) say so much…

I’d really love to be alone without all the

Ache and pain and the April showers

But it ain’t long before I long for you, like a

Ray of hope, coming through the blue moon

When it all gets dark again

The whole thing falls apart I guess

It doesn’t really matter ’bout the rain

‘Cause we’ll get through it anyway

We’ll get up and start again

It’s undisturbable the peace we found

In a bright new space up above the clouds

Everything is understandable

You don’t have to say anything too loud

When all our luck runs out again

We’re brought back down to solid ground

I wouldn’t say I’m mad about the rain

But we’ll get through it anyway

We’ll get back to the start again

I’m sure there will come a point where we can’t go back to the start again, we’ve been here so many times already. But for now, we are on the starting blocks again…and feeling lifted.

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