Dear Embryo…

You were made a few months ago, but because I get too ill you had to be frozen until I was ok to have you back.  Today was finally that day. 

I have been taking many drugs over the last few weeks in the hope that they help you to stick around.  I started with hormone patches, which made me grumpy.  I then had a scan to check that the hormones were working; the good news was that everything looked ok so I then had to start injecting 2 more drugs and taking some tablets.  The drugs aren’t very nice, but they will be worth it and I am willing to do anything to try to help.

This morning the phone rang and it was the embryologist (the person that has looked after you until today).  There has been a huge snow storm and so he asked if we were still ok to come and get you.  Of course we will get there, I said, nothing will stop us.  So, he then took you out of the freezer and rang me back.  He told me that you had thawed and were looking really good.  It was such a relief to hear that you were ok and that we could come and get you!

We made our way through the snow, talking about you on the way.  We got to the clinic and we had to wait a while.  Eventually my name was called and we were taken into a room with a scanner and a screen.  They checked my details to make sure that I was the right person and then we were told to look at the screen.

In front of us was a picture of you.  The embryologist came to see us and told us that you were a 4AA when you were frozen (that’s very good by the way) and that you were now a 5AA, and you were beginning to hatch so you were definitely developing.  Both of us were filled with emotion as we looked at you on the screen.  In that moment and even now as I write to you, tears were in my eyes.  My heart wanted to burst and it may sound strange, but we love you already.

The nurse scanned me, the embryologist brought you to the consultant in a long tube.  We watched the scan machine as they inserted the tube.  We then saw the small flash of white light.  You were finally back where you belong.

The tube was checked to make sure that you hadn’t got stuck, you hadn’t so we were ok to go.  I got dressed and we left the clinic.  Heading back through the snow we talked about you some more.  When we got home, we told our puppy, J, about you.  I don’t think he really understood but I’m sure he would love to have you join our family too.

So, now all we can do is wait…and hope.  We want you more than you will ever know.  

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