The FET Plan

So we now have a plan for our frozen embryo transfer.  Two weeks after our freeze all IVF cycle we saw the consultant to talk about the next steps.  Firstly there was a huge amount of relief in the room because I hadn’t been ill with OHSS this time.  We had the choice of a medicated or natural Frozen Embryo Transfer.  Due to the number of cycles that haven’t worked we have opted for medicated.  Fortunately there is no buserelin involved so it isn’t a long drawn out process.

So here is the new plan…

I will have oestrogen patches for 2 weeks, then a scan.  I’ve never had the patches so will be interesting to see what that does to me!  If everything looks ok I will start the progesterone support plus what our clinic calls quad therapy.  A date would then be set for transfer following the scan.  The quad therapy is steroids, clexane, aspirin & progesterone.  Basically what I’ve had in the last 2 cycles.   The consultant is happy to prescribe this type of support because of our repeated implantation failure and the fact that I have high NK cells as per the uterine test that I had all the way back in 2012.  I’m not having intralipids as I have done previously, our clinic doesn’t offer them.  Aspirin also doesn’t start until a positive test result because the thinking on the impact on implantation has changed apparently.  I’m also having progesterone injections for the first time.  We asked the consultant about the fact that I never seem to get to test date without bleeding and whether that was something to do with me not absorbing the progesterone from the pessaries.  He didn’t think so, he simply thinks its because none of the embryos implanted and if they had then I wouldn’t have bled before OTD.  He was still happy for me to try the injections though so that’s what we have decided to do.

We talked about the timing of FET.  The consultant was keen for us to get started in January but I have a follow up hysteroscopy at the end of January.  I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy at the end of August and a polyp was removed.  A follow up hysteroscopy has been requested by the gynae to ensure the polyp was fully removed because there was debris in my uterus.  All sounds delightful but it makes complete sense to get re-checked before FET.  So, my January cycle is out…February it is.

Well, February it would be, had work not just decided to take us through a huge restructure that puts me at risk of redundancy.  Why is nothing ever straightforward?  We had a plan, now we don’t.  Do we wait until the work situation is resolved before we even think about FET?  Do we just get on with FET anyway and live with whatever happens?  All I know is that the whole situation is causing me immense stress.  Going into FET in a state of stress isn’t an option BUT in the words of hubby, we have to get on with this now.


The cycle of IVF that we just had is likely to be our last fresh cycle.  We have 6 embryos frozen…embryo numbers 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20.  Even typing that seems utterly crazy.  How did we get here?  One thing we do know is that we can’t keep doing this.  We can’t keep putting ourselves and our family & friends through this either.  2018 is likely to be the last year that we try to start a family.  I know I need to give it my all (whatever the hell that even means), I need to try to concentrate on just this, but that’s easier said than done.


Knowing that this set of embryo’s are our last chance it is also time to start thinking about a future without a family.  As soul destroying as that is, it may become our reality.  With that in mind, life cannot be on hold.  It is time to start just living, just doing & just being without the cloud if ‘what if’ hanging over us, weighing us down.  My first decision has been to apply for a part time university course which starts in September.  A bit scary but I have loved being back at college.  It feels like the right thing for me…and so for the first time in a long time I am just going to do it.

You are not alone

7 thoughts on “The FET Plan

  1. It’s always the bloody same isn’t it! You’ve got a plan….the universe has a different one. We’re hoping to go for FET in March, but there’s massive changes going on to our service at work and I’m wondering whether to delay. Don’t want to get stressed. But like you said, can’t keep flipping delaying. I’m certainly getting no younger 😞 Always tough decisions, like it’s not hard enough anyway!! You have a semi-plan I reckon. And that’s better than no plan at all 👍😂 Take care and good luck with the college course, I think that’s fab news xx

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  2. I hope the work situation won’t get more stressful in February! Maybe you could book a few days off for the transfer and after to relax a little to help implantation. Easier said than done but try not to worry about the work situation, what will be will be and you will be ok whatever happens. I am really hoping that your transfer will be successful. Thinking of you! x

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